What is an LMS

Learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of education courses or training programs. Colleges and universities use LMSs to deliver online courses and augment on-campus courses. Corporate training departments use LMSs to deliver online training, as well as automate record-keeping and employee registration. In the past years there’s a definite movement towards mobile learning. Tablets screen size (usually between 7 and 10 inches) is closer to that of desktop and laptop computers proving a larger area for multimedia displays unlike the small screens of mobile phones. Tablet apps are expanding the learning experience both inside and outside the classroom. From interactive lessons to study aids to productivity tools. Students can track their assignments, take notes, and study for finals. Tutors can give lessons, monitor progress, and stay organized.

TheLMSapp puts an entire Learning Management System (LMS) at your fingertips. You no longer need to open a desktop or a laptop computer to access elearning courses, your elearning schedule or check forums and messages you exchange with your tutor or your fellow students.

Currently Moodle LMS and iPad are supported. Find out what TheLMSapp can do for you, watch a demo of TheLMSapp for iPad, learn more about TheLMSapp’s features or read the FAQ.