TheLMSapp allows you to connect to your LMS within a unified environment. The goal is to be able to use the same client application to connect to any of the supported LMSs. In order to achieve that we had to put a lot of effort to simplify the way users navigate around the app.

Sidebar for easy menu access

All menu items are easily accessible within the sidebar. That allows for a clean UI that focuses on each screen’s main content. From the sidebar menu you have easy access to your available courses, your profile, messages, announcements, grades and the calendar.

Quick navigation button

After you have logged in to your LMS you can find the quick navigation button located at the bottom left corner. It is always visible and allows you to move between the main screen and the LMS screen, go one step back or return to the main LMS screen.

Get TheLMSapp

Download TheLMSapp from the App Store and connect to the default LMS installation (TheLMSapp LMS). You can browse through available info about the app and courses and you can register a new account for free that will give you immediate access to available courses. If you want to connect TheLMSapp to your LMS sign up for the beta testing.

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