Not even one decade ago, educators considered cell phones and laptops a most egregious classroom distraction. These days, though, many tech-savvy teachers actively try to incorporate them into engaging lessons rather than snatching them away. While tablets, smartphones, and other mobile computing devices have yet to enjoy universal implementation, many in the business adore exploring emerging technologies to unlock their full potential as learning tools. Such as these folks, listed in no particular order!

  1. MOBL21:MOBL21 reaches out to students, teachers, and institutions with its platform allowing users to whip up small lessons for learning on the go. Downloadable flashcards, quizzes, and other helpers are accessible through iDevices, laptops and desktops, Androids, and Blackberries.
  2. The Mobile Learning Edge:A companion piece to Gary Woodill’s book The Mobile Learning Edge, this blog proffers advice about effectively utilizing and drawing up m-learning strategies. Stop by for reports on the latest research as well as information about the author’s consulting and speaking fees.
  3. Mobile Industry Review:While not exclusively about m-learning, any educators hoping to incorporate its tenets into the classroom still might find plenty to love and appreciate here. After all, staying on top of the latest technology can only help enhance and refine the overall experience.
  4. Tribal Labs:The team at Tribal Labs embraces technology’s potential outside the education industry, but still devotes a considerable amount of its resources on teaching. It’s well worth a follow, and offers up a nice, broad look at the role computing plays in helping humanity keep its concepts moving forward.
  5. Ignatia Webs:Explore intersections between social media and mobile learning at Ignatia Webs, one of the Internet’s more active, detailed dissections on the subject. Inge de Waard’s expert advice and opinions on getting the most out of the available technologies when teaching and keeping everything organized.
  6. Float Mobile Learning:Float provides consulting and information to developers, teachers, and schools hoping to soak up more about what mobile technology provides the education industry. Their blog not only sheds a right fair amount of light on the m-learning movement, but discusses the super neat apps and developments they’ve made via partnerships.
  7. The M-Learning Revolution Blog:RJ Jacquez offers up a podcast and blog absolutely brimming with mobile learning and education technology content. As a former Adobe and Macromedia “evangelist,” he now turns his attentions towards consulting fellow gadget geeks about what smartphones, tablets, and the like can do for their students.
  8. Spectronics Blog:Accessibility for a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional abilities remains a concern for m-learning adherents, and the Apps and Mobile Learning section of Spectronics’ massive blog addresses the issue directly. Consider it necessary reading, because no learner deserves to be left behind when it comes to infusing technology into daily lessons.
  9. mLearnopedia:This blog aggregates the best stories about mobile learning news, reviews, opinions, and developments from around the web. For the more time-strapped educators out there, the formatting may prove something of a godsend.
  10. From Toy to Tool: Cell Phones in Learning:Exactly what it says on the tin; stop here for in-depth explorations of how the education system has taken advantage of mobile technology when teaching students. Advice about what apps to try abounds, as do tutorials and lesson plans for the plugged-in classroom.
  11. than a traditional classroom, the bloggers over at focus on the role mobile technology plays in a different sort of education altogether – social justice. Learn all about how 21st century innovators teach the world about serious issues and harness mobile technology to instigate positive change.
  12. Marc Prensky’s Weblog:Futurist and gamification enthusiast Marc Prensky’s official corner of the web explodes with insight regarding mobile learning and other edtech initiatives. And with archives dating all the way back to 2003, the sheer magnitude of changes and possibilities presented proves absolutely riveting reading.
  13. DMLcentral:The Digital Media and Research Learning Hub involves more than just m-learning, but certainly doesn’t ignore its considerable impact on education. The blog makes for an excellent, broad glimpse at how technology has shaped, is shaping, and will shape learning and ought to be bookmarked for tips regarding mobile devices.
  14. uLearning Blog:Ultimately, Jonathan Nalder at the uLearning Blog hopes to see universal implementation of mobile learning strategies over time, and even wrote about his philosophies as part of his master’s thesis. Consider his musings an excellent way to watch the history of technology, education, and their intersections evolve.
  15. The Mobile Learner:It’s all mobile learning, all the time, courtesy of the Toronto Catholic District School Board’s vice president. Both students and teachers receive equal coverage here, with detailed information regarding research and recommended apps, devices, and strategies.
  16. Cooney Center Blog:Sesame Workshop runs the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, whose educational goals revolve around finding creative uses for new and digital media that will get kids more engaged in the learning process. Although not exclusively about mobile devices, its views on that plus gamification still cook up nourishing food for thought regarding technology in the classroom and beyond.
  17. Ubiquitous Thoughts:Mobile learning and the importance of information and digital literacy merge at this popular read about the seemingly limitless educational possibilities portable computers possess. Be sure to check out the publications list for detailed information about creative ways mobile technology has entranced students of all ages.
  18. Learning in Hand:No matter the mobile device, the Learning in Hand blog provides tips and tricks for effectively utilizing them in an educational setting. There’s even an entire section devoted to browsing and posting podcasts by students and teachers alike!
  19. Upside Learning Blog:The folks at Upside Learning don’t blog about mobile learning alone, but it makes up the bulk of their content. Most of their education focus comes from their experiences training outsourced employees, and the advice applies to multiple learning arenas.
  20. eLearning Blog Don’t Waste Your Time:M-learning, blogging, e-learning, and other edtech stylings converge at David Hopkins’ blog, where their applications to higher education receive a thorough inquiry. Make sure to check out the rest of the site, with information about conferences and apps, as well!

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