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Open source learning platform Moodle announces free MOOC for educators all over the world

Moodle’s first official MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) aims to gather teachers and anyone interested in using a learning platform to enhance teaching and learning. The goal: to collaboratively learn how to use Moodle to teach courses online.

Led by Mary Cooch from Moodle HQ, Teaching with Moodle: An Introduction, is a structured course delivered using the latest Moodle release, Moodle 2.5. Course highlights include:

  • Live webcast tutorials each week
  • Activity-based learning with each participant having their own free sandbox course area
  • Creating and using quizzes, wikis, forums, chats
  • The option to progress through the course at your own pace
  • The opportunity to earn badges

The emphasis of this Moodle MOOC is on engagement and collaboration. Participants will interact with one another in the various course activities such as forums, and work together in a customised environment that supports innovative teaching and learning.

Designed to provide a good foundation and context to using Moodle, the course is an excellent starting point for effective teaching in the 21st century learning environment.

Martin Dougiamas, Lead Developer and Director of Moodle Pty Ltd, said, “We love teachers, and want to support and inspire better teaching everywhere. So one of the main reasons we’re running this MOOC is to show teachers what Moodle is and the depth that it has, as well as to help them understand a student perspective, in a way that they can apply in their own Moodle courses.”

For further information, please visit the Learn Moodle website http://Learn.Moodle.net
Connect and join the conversation using #learnmoodle.

Source: moodle.com

When you have a functional installation of TheLMSapp you will want to let the students know how they can access your content through TheLMSapp application.

Minimum requirements

Any generation iPad running iOS >4

TheLMSapp iPad app installation

Students should have a basic knowledge of installing an application using the App Store app. There are many ways to download an app from the App Store:

1) Open the App Store app and search using thelmsapp as keyword

2) Direct your students to www.appstore.com/thelmsapp to download the app.

First use of TheLMSapp

When a user opens TheLMSapp for the first time he/she will be asked to which LMS installation they want to connect to. Instruct students to begin typing the name of your company or organization as this was sent using the registration form. When the name of your company or organization is revealed on the list you can select it and click on the next button to continue. Users know they have selected the correct LMS from the list as they will see your logo on the application’s main screen.

Set of instructions that you can send to your students or trainees in order to access elearning content in TheLMSapp:

  • Open the Safari application in your iPad.
  • Type appstore.com/thelmsapp
  • Tap on the FREE button to begin the download
  • You may need to enter your Apple ID’s password in order to complete the download.
  • After the download is completed tap on OPEN to start the application.
  • In the first menu begin typing your company’s or organization name and you should see a corresponding list item.
  • Tap on this item in the list and then tap the black check icon on the right.
  • After a couple of seconds you should see the main screen of the application with your company or organization logo on the left and the username/password field on the right.
  • Insert your username and your password in the corresponding fields and tap Go on your keyboard to login.
All necessary instructions can also be found in this slideshare presentation

Learning management systems are used by academic institutions and companies to manage, track, and deliver courses and training programs. One of the fastest growing software sectors over the last decade, it is now a billion dollar plus industry with hundreds of competing offerings. Below is a look the most popular options as measured by a combination of their total number of customers, active users, and online presence.

Moodle is the most popular LMS worldwide. Moodle has become very popular among educators around the world as a tool for creating online dynamic web sites for their students. To work, it needs to be installed on a web server somewhere, either on one of your own computers or one at a web hosting company. Moodle is supported by TheLMSapp.

Source: LMS top 20 list at capterra.com

TheLMSapp team has great experience in installing, customizing, theming and supporting LMS installations. We prefer to work with moodle LMS. Moodle is a Learning Management System software which can be used through a networking environment and is distributed as an Open Source Software. Used by more than 40.000 educational websites, it counts over 30 million users in 209 different countries.

It provides maximum flexibility and responds to tutors’ and trainees’ needs by providing opportunities for visual communication, participation in groups and in both synchronous and asynchronous forms of education plus it provides the ability to collaborate with other associated communities (Live@edu, Google apps) and support the creation of social networks. At the same time, it provides a set of reference tools to keep a record of the trainees’ actions, providing the ability of individual and overall monitoring of the educational process.

The LMS can be installed on any server that can support PHP and a database supporting SQL queries. The educational environment can be operated through the user’s browser, so there is no additional software installation needed, and it is compatible with all modern operational systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS).

Tasks included:

  • Installation of asynchronous e-learning platform (LMS) based on Moodle,
  • Creation of subdomain (your domain or ours),
  • Integration  with synchronous elearning platform,
  • Hosting (if needed),
  • Technical support,
  • User management,
  • Installation of additional languages,
  • Integration of Reporting tool to easily access users progress,
  • Integration of Educational Needs Diagnosis tool,
  • Development of user guide for the e-Learning Suite (in English language),
  • Customization based on your organization’s colours and logos,
  • Four-hour training on functionality and features of the e-Learning Suite,
  • and of course TheLMSapp integration.

In case you do not have an LMS installed and you need us to install moodle in your servers or ours let us know and we will get back to you ASAP!

Now you can download and install TheLMSapp plugin to your moodle installation and make it accessible from TheLMSapp for iPad.

TheLMSapp puts an entire Learning Management System (LMS) at your fingertips. You no longer need to open a desktop or a laptop computer to access elearning courses, your elearning schedule or check forums and messages you exchange with your tutor or your fellow students.

TheLMSapp consists of two functional modules:

(1) TheLMSapp plugin, which is LMS specific, and is installed as a plugin in an LMS installation and

(2) TheLMSapp client application for tablet devices, which is LMS agnostic, and can be downloaded from the App Store/Google Play/Microsoft Marketplace.

Now, moodle administrators can install TheLMSapp plugin in order to make their LMS accessible from the client app. When the user opens the client application for the first time he/she can select in which of the available LMSs wants to connect. Upon successful connection the user can access all LMS functionality (courses, messages, calendar and so on) within TheLMSapp.

to download the plugin and make your moodle LMS accessible from TheLMSapp for iPad

TheLMSapp provides a unified environment from which you can access any moodle installation that has TheLMSapp plugin installed. We have developed TheLMSapp keeping in mind to simplify the UI by giving the user quick access to commonly used functions from a sliding side menu bar. Additionally, since this is a native app, PUSH notifications are also supported and we are currenly working to integrate moodle messaging and notification system to send PUSH notifications to the end user.

But when you are running an LMS you also want users to upload files, submit reports or papers and so on. As Apple states: To keep the system simple, users of iOS devices do not have direct access to the file system and apps are expected to follow this convention.

Since iOS does not provide access to the device’s filesystem in case your users have to upload a file you have to use some kind of workaround. You need to instruct users to use a popular file storing/syncing service like dropbox or google docs to upload their documents/files and then submit the URL. Moodle has also added the option to enable a number of services as additional repository options. Administrators can connect these services to their moodle installation and then users just need to authenticate in order to access their files inside moodle.

Detailed instructions can be found on the moodle website:


TheLMSapp puts an entire Learning Management System (LMS) at your fingertips. You no longer need to open a desktop or a laptop computer to access elearning courses, your elearning schedule or check forums and messages you exchange with your tutor or your fellow students.

How to use TheLMSapp

Download TheLMSapp from the App Store and connect to the default LMS installation (TheLMSapp LMS). You can browse through available info about the app and courses and you can register a new account for free that will give you immediate access to available courses.

Currently there are two courses available:

  • an introductory course, called How to use the application, that will give you more info about TheLMSapp and
  • a course that will help you learn how to use Microsoft Word (provided by elearning company SQLearn).

Beta testing list

If you are interested to install TheLMSapp plugin to your LMS subscribe to our beta testing list, if you want to upload your courses to our LMS drop us a line to send you detailed instructions. Courses will be available from TheLMSapp for iPad and from Learn TheLMSapp website.

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TheLMSapp puts an entire Learning Management System (LMS) at your fingertips. You no longer need to open a desktop or a laptop computer to access elearning courses, your elearning schedule or check forums and messages you exchange with your tutor or your fellow students. Watch a demo video of TheLMS app for iPad connecting to moodle LMS.

TheLMSapp short presentation from TheLMSapp on Vimeo.