What can TheLMSapp do for me?

TheLMSapp puts an entire Learning Management System (LMS) at your fingertips. You no longer need to open a desktop or a laptop computer to access elearning courses, your elearning schedule or check forums and messages you exchange with your tutor or your fellow students. Currently Moodle LMS and iPad are supported.

Are you an LMS administrator?

TheLMSapp plugin turns your LMS into a native tablet application. Read the features list for more info. After you download, install and activate TheLMSapp plugin users are able to use TheLMSapp for iPad to access your LMS. Sounds interesting? Sign up for the beta and install TheLMSapp plugin to your LMS!

Are you a student?

TheLMSapp helps you get the same unified elearning experience regardless of the organization that provides the training content. Using the same client app you can connect to your corporate training website or watch the course you purchased online.

Do you want to just upload or sell your courses?

Have a look at our default LMS installation. You can get your own area to upload your courses and register your students/trainees. Courses will be available from the desktop website and from TheLMSapp iPad application as well!