TheLMSapp features

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TheLMSapp puts an entire Learning Management System (LMS) at your fingertips. You no longer need to open a desktop or a laptop computer to access elearning courses, your elearning schedule or check forums and messages you exchange with your tutor or your fellow students.

TheLMSapp consists of two functional modules:

(1) TheLMSapp plugin, which is LMS specific, and is installed as a plugin in an LMS installation and

(2) TheLMSapp client application for tablet devices, which is LMS agnostic, and can be downloaded from the App Store to your iPad.

Currently Moodle LMS and iPad are supported.

Administrators install TheLMSapp plugin in order to make their LMS accessible from the client iPad app. When the user opens the client application for the first time she can select in which of the available LMSs wants to connect. Upon successful connection the user can access all LMS functionality (courses, messages, calendar and so on) within TheLMSapp.

If you do not have an LMS you can get one (or more) areas in TheLMSapp’s LMS where you can upload your content (SCORM courses, quizzes, videos etc) and give access to your users (basic+ package).

The main screen. In the main screen you can find information (in multiple languages) about the company or organization, help on how to access courses, information about available courses and any other information that is publicly available. You can also subscribe to the company’s newsletter or register a new account.

The LMS screen. To access the LMS screen users must have a username and password. Upon successful login they can see a list of available courses. Taping on a course will open the course contents. In the LMS screen users have access to the Sidebar menu and the Quick Navigation button.

Sidebar menu. All menu items are easily accessible within the sidebar. That allows for a clean UI that focuses on each screen’s main content. From the sidebar menu you have easy access to your available courses, your profile, messages, announcements, grades and the calendar.

Quick navigation button. After you have logged in to your LMS you can find the quick navigation button located at the bottom left corner. It is always visible and allows you to move between the main screen and the LMS screen, go one step back or return to the main LMS screen.

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‣Deliver elearning content easily and rapidly to any number of users. Design the area for each course and add the educational material. You can either upload HTML5 SCORM compatible courses, videos in YouTube, Vimeo, .mp4 format or upload your files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF).

‣All major authoring tools are supported. Whether you are using Adobe’s Captivate 6 or Articulate’s Storyline you can easily create a course and publish it to theLMSapp.

‣Custom elearning courses. Do you you need assistance in order to develop an elearning course or a webinar? Let us know, our team of experienced instructional designers and developers will help you develop your course based on your organization’s training needs.

‣Central administration. Administer courses and users from one unified interface. Scalable platform. Easy management of any number of courses and students. Backend interface specifically designed to remotely push content to TheLMSapp.

‣Remote control of theLMSapp content. TheLMSapp has the following sections by default: courses, news, about and help. You can remotely control and update the content of TheLMSapp or add new sections of your own.

‣PUSH notifications backend interface. Send PUSH notifications to all or selected student groups to keep them up to date of notify them for an upcoming quiz or a course milestone.

‣Multi language support. You can make theLMSapp’s interface and content available in more than one languages and allow the user to select.

‣Newsletter subscription database. Users can submit their contact details in order to subscribe to your newsletter.

‣SCORM compliant. HTML5 courses support.

‣Native application for iPad and Android tablets. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) mentality: whether you are using Apple’s iPad or any of the tablets running Google’s Android operating system you can use theLMSapp native application and have access to your LMS features at your tablet device.

‣Simple interface. Accessing the course material in only 2 taps. Multipurpose sidebar with all the functionality you need in one place for easy access. Courses presentation with detailed description. Users can browse all available courses or apply to enroll for a course.

‣Support for international elearning standards such as SCORM.

‣Calendar. Keep track of events and deadlines.

‣Messages. Contact your tutor or the system admin within theLMSapp.

‣Quizes. Complete tests and quizes from your tablet device.

‣News section. Keep track of everything that is going on to your training organization. PUSH notifications. Get the latest news and updates in real time from your tutor or system admin.