TheLMSapp FAQ will try to answer basic questions about TheLMSapp and will help you get started with tablet elearning. If you have additional questions just let us know.

Who is it for? TheLMSapp helps any company or organization by providing an elearning solution from tablet devices using a native application.

How it works? Your LMS administrator can install TheLMSapp plugin in the company’s LMS and trainees need to download TheLMSapp to their iPads and connect with their existing credentials. If you do not have an LMS we can provide one for you.

Why tablet elearning? Tablets have enough processing power and screen real estate to support the training process and any training material. Additionally users no longer need to have a desktop or a laptop computer to access courses.

Will it work with my LMS? TheLMSapp tablet app is designed to be LMS agnostic so that it will work with all major open source LMSs. Currently moodle, the most popular open source LMS, is supported.

Why do I need a native app? A native app improves user experience, utilizes the device’s capabilities to the maximum extend possible and offers a native UI familiar to the user.

What LMS functions are available in the app? All elearning content will work including videos, files, SCORM courses, quizzes etc. All LMS functionality will also work: messages, reports, calendar, forum, chat etc.

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