TheLMSapp provides a unified environment from which you can access any moodle installation that has TheLMSapp plugin installed. We have developed TheLMSapp keeping in mind to simplify the UI by giving the user quick access to commonly used functions from a sliding side menu bar. Additionally, since this is a native app, PUSH notifications are also supported and we are currenly working to integrate moodle messaging and notification system to send PUSH notifications to the end user.

But when you are running an LMS you also want users to upload files, submit reports or papers and so on. As Apple states: To keep the system simple, users of iOS devices do not have direct access to the file system and apps are expected to follow this convention.

Since iOS does not provide access to the device’s filesystem in case your users have to upload a file you have to use some kind of workaround. You need to instruct users to use a popular file storing/syncing service like dropbox or google docs to upload their documents/files and then submit the URL. Moodle has also added the option to enable a number of services as additional repository options. Administrators can connect these services to their moodle installation and then users just need to authenticate in order to access their files inside moodle.

Detailed instructions can be found on the moodle website:


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